Food Photography Tips

CLEAN THE LENS: Wipe off lens before shooting as there might be smudges and residue which will make the picture look blurry.

GET THE RIGHT LIGHTING: Shoot away from the light source. Make sure light source is on the front of the meal. Use natural light. Move the dish near a window if you need to. Do NOT use a flash, it’ll make a great meal look bad. Plan ahead when choosing your seat if you are eating out.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: The meal is the star, make it stand out. Take out the stuff you don’t need. Choose a background that doesn’t interfere. Use non-patterned plates so the food always pops. White plates are best.

FRAME & CROP: Shoot with the entire meal in frame, you can always crop after to show details.

FOCUS: Make sure the meal is in focus – most mobile phones allow you to tap on what you want to focus on.

ANGLES: Try different camera angles. Get creative and try to show the meal in a different and inviting way.

WHAT AM I LOOKING AT?: Show as many of the ingredients of the meal as possible. I wanna know what I’m looking at. If it’s a burrito or sandwich, cut it in half. Describe what it is, where it’s from, how you made it in the description.

FILTERS: Don’t use em. They are cheesy (no pun intended) and ruin the realism of the food.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Make me want to eat it.