FCK your cake and eat it too!

Recently dedicated FCK fan Sara Torres made this two tier cake to show off her baking skills!

The bottom level is comprised of a vanilla cake with chocolate custard filling. The jewels on the crown were made with candy melts and luster dust. The second tier consists of lemon poppyseed with homemade raspberry jam and cream cheese filling. And the show piece is the sushi platter which was inspired by one a sushi plate I posted on Instagram a couple months ago. That is made from coconut, dried apricots, and fondant.

How cool is that?! Needless to say, I’m blown away and extremely excited that FCK has grown to the level where edible goodness is being designed with the King in mind. Amazing. This is not just a hobby for Sara, if you are interested in her skills, go over and check out her page on instagram @saracooks323 or email her at samecast.catering@yahoo.com. Her services are available in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas.

Furthermore, if you have something that you’ve created with the FCK swagger, show me! Email me at naptime@foodcomaking.com.



Food Photography Tips

CLEAN THE LENS: Wipe off lens before shooting as there might be smudges and residue which will make the picture look blurry.

GET THE RIGHT LIGHTING: Shoot away from the light source. Make sure light source is on the front of the meal. Use natural light. Move the dish near a window if you need to. Do NOT use a flash, it’ll make a great meal look bad. Plan ahead when choosing your seat if you are eating out.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: The meal is the star, make it stand out. Take out the stuff you don’t need. Choose a background that doesn’t interfere. Use non-patterned plates so the food always pops. White plates are best.

FRAME & CROP: Shoot with the entire meal in frame, you can always crop after to show details.

FOCUS: Make sure the meal is in focus – most mobile phones allow you to tap on what you want to focus on.

ANGLES: Try different camera angles. Get creative and try to show the meal in a different and inviting way.

WHAT AM I LOOKING AT?: Show as many of the ingredients of the meal as possible. I wanna know what I’m looking at. If it’s a burrito or sandwich, cut it in half. Describe what it is, where it’s from, how you made it in the description.

FILTERS: Don’t use em. They are cheesy (no pun intended) and ruin the realism of the food.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Make me want to eat it.

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